Seasonal Special.

10 Remote healing sessions~ What is remote healing anyway? 

Because everything that exists is of energy, even our thoughts! Energy cannot be created or Destroyed. 

And energy has no limits so because of this, healing energy frequencies can be sent anywhere in the world REMOTELY. 


  • We choose an appointment time that works for both. 
  • You find a quiet space (may be at home) to Receive. 
  • You position your body with spine gently supported. 
  • You may either sit comfortably or lie down. 

               Eyes closed if possible. 

  • Remain open to receiving. 
  • You may feel sensations, release, or relief.
  • You may not sense much of anything. Keep in mind that sensing is not required,

I too, am in a similar state of mind and body as I use a variety of energy frequencies specific to you at the time we choose.  The frequencies are innately drawn by your body wherever your body needs it most. 

Receiving Shamanessence 10 to 30 days in a row engage a transformational process apparent throughout your life. Personal packages are created with that effect in mind. Original recommendations of more than 30 days also available If needed.

These individual packages have an additional BONUS (see below) for your best health.   


THE BONUS:  WHILE YOU GO ABOUT YOUR DAY...3 sessions are given throughout the day. 

Daily sessions give consistency to restoring what the body requires for the best outcome and benefits for health and life concerns.